Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions Free Examples

Whether you are selling a product or providing a service, customer satisfaction is one of the crucial factors to take care of. Are you taking care of your customer satisfaction? If not, then make sure to have a regular survey to keep your consumers happy.

Surveys can help you identify the quality of products & services you are offering. These identifications help you build a strong, reliable, and compelling brand, and also a better communication with your buyers.

Surveys are essential for any brand out there that badly wants to grow. It can be any..say Walmart customer feedback to Dunkin Donuts customer surveys

Furthermore, the practice of taking feedbacks and having regular surveys with your customers will help you increase the revenue. How must you be thinking? Undoubtedly, we all live in a world where we keep referring the promising and reliable products & services in our circle of influence. Are you agreed?

Thus, if you’ll try to keep your customer happy and satisfied, they’ll be bringing more and more consumers at your door. So, if you haven’t created any survey or feedback form for your buyers, then create it now and let this practice of collecting feedbacks help you attain the best results.

Here are some examples of the questions you should add to your customer satisfaction survey form.


Customer Support

This is one of the critical questions to add to your survey form. This question will help you measure how effective the company’s customer support department is—asking questions about a specific representative who assisted them or about the overall customer support service.

Following are the examples:

  • Please rate if our representative satisfied you.
  • Is the representative communicated effectively?
  • Was the representative friendly?
  • Is the representative resolved your issues entirely?
  • Scale from 0-10, how easy did our company make it handle your issue?

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Final Words

Conclusively, there are a lot more to ask in your survey form. However, it is recommended to create a customer feedback form in such a way they would relate with their personal experiences and opinions. Furthermore, it’s okay to add questions that will allow your customers to say negative about you. These questions will create a fixed and robust database of your customers. Moreover, your customer will feel cared for, valued, and satisfied.


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