What Is Customer Satisfaction Survey & Its Types?

Several business enterprises need to try to satisfy customers as happy and satisfied customers can become one of the huge encouragements for your business promotion and growth.

But the dilemma comes when you do not have an idea whether every customer is satisfied and happy with your services and products.


So, What is Customer Satisfaction Survey ?

A customer satisfaction survey helps to analyze and monitor the entire journey of your customer from their selection of products, experience after using the product or the service, and experience with the company’s website.

A customer satisfaction survey helps to give you information on getting things right and define unique selling tricks as well.

Through a customer satisfaction survey, you can discover whether your customer can be happy or not with your services.

The customer satisfaction survey depends on the questions asked to get the feedback, upgrade the products and services, and making the experience of customers better.

A business doesn’t need to be getting positive feedback and praises always.

Sometimes there comes a time when your business can get some criticism as well which helps you to focus on the business sector that needs to get improvement so that your customers can enhance their journey. It also helps you to know where your business is exactly going towards.


Types Of Customer Satisfaction Survey

Now that you know what exactly the customer satisfaction survey is and why it is important, let us focus your attention on the ways to understand customer satisfaction, loyalty, and happiness.

The way to understand how happy your customer is can be done through the types of customer satisfaction surveys which are listed below:


1.Post-Purchase Survey

A post-purchase survey is one of the best customer satisfaction surveys that can help one to discover the positives as well as negatives of your business.

Acquiring positive and negative feedback can help to improve the site’s positioning and marketing as well.

So, how is it done? Firstly, the survey is sent to the customer after they purchase any product and service from the company.

The customers are asked to rank aspects of their experience on a scale of “Poor.” “Excellent” or “Strongly Disagree” and “Strongly Agree.”


2.Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

The customer satisfaction score also called CSAT is the measurement of satisfaction of the customer with the brand’s service or product.

The level of satisfaction can be determined by marketers through CSAT. Such kind of survey can contain casual and simple questions with optional responses.

The scores are ranted from high to low as negative scores tell you about issues in your brand.


3.Product and Service Development Survey

The product and service development survey is also called Concept Testing which is implemented before the launch of any product so that the business can get an idea of how the customers think about it.

The survey helps to know whether your product will be profitable or a flop.

The survey is sent to customers to get improvement feedback on products before their launch.


4.Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The net promoter score is considered a metric that is used in the program of customer experience and which measures the loyalty of customers to a company or brand.

In the NPS survey, customers are asked a question that needs to be scored from number 0 to 10 and ask them whether they would recommend the company, brand, or services to their friends and family.

The data provided from this survey lets a business improve its product delivery and services for increased loyalty of customers.

We can not deny the fact that this survey goes well with any kind of companies of all sizes. Also considered as a predictor of business growth, the survey helps to know your relationship with your customer.


5. Customer Effort Score (CES)

There can be several ways to measure customer satisfaction through surveys among which Customer Effort Score (CSE) is one.

Considered an essential customer service metric, the Customer Effort Score measures the experience of the customers with the products and services of the company.

Customers rank experience ranging from Very Easy to Very Difficult which determines how often they make effort to use the product or service of the brand.

The CSE came into popularity in 2010 which has been used by several companies.


6. Usability Survey

This kind of customer satisfaction survey is used by online companies to get feedback on their website so that you can create an experience for the customers.

When you enter any kind of online shopping website, you might come along with a usability survey that pops on the website.

The survey can have several kinds of multiple-choice questions with some live messaging directing towards information that customers are looking for.


7. Milestone Surveys

For any business, a milestone survey can be best for getting feedback from the customers.

The type of survey provides questionnaires that are sent to customers to understand their entire experience with the purchase of your service and product.

This kind of survey can be based on time i.e., a survey sent to customers after a certain time, and also based on experience.



We can not deny that a customer satisfaction survey needs to follow certain kinds of guidelines to ensure that it goes well and smoothly.

Determination of goal for the survey can be a crucial process for survey.

Determination of the need for survey follows with a selection of kind of survey to pick a medium.

The survey can be sent through text messages, apps, in person, emails, or while entering a website.

Picking an essential survey tool can accommodate the survey type one is looking to deploy.

You can not ignore the survey executing process as it is the most essential one. This helps you to consider the part of the buying process the shoppers with be receiving the survey.

After consideration of the process, gather the feedback from the customers which can be managed on a spreadsheet or a customer relationship management software.

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