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We are glad that you landed here if you want to get some information on the Cracker Barrel Customer Feedback survey. Below we will be guiding you through the link so that you can participate and become the lucky one to be the winner.

The customer satisfaction survey of Cracker Barrel is an online questionnaire which is designed by Cracker Barrel Old Country Store to measure the happiness and satisfaction of its customers from the products and services offered by stores and restaurants.

Participation in its survey will allow you to share your feedback on how your experience at the restaurant was which can help them to improve and expand. You will also get an opportunity to enter a drawing where you can also win a rocking chair from Cracker Barrel worth $150.

The survey has also limited an individual winner per house per Cracker Barrel Survey sweepstakes period along with an individual receipt invitation entry per week.

Below provided guidelines and the manual can easily help you to go through the survey. – Cracker Barrel Survey Step-by-Step Instructions

There are so many things that you need to consider while participating in the Cracker Barrell customer satisfaction survey and we have listed below all the requirements so that you can follow them conveniently:

cracker barrel customer feedback survey

  1. First of all, head towards the website
  2. You have the option to choose your desired language i.e, Spanish or English. No other languages are available other than these two.
  3. Your receipt comes with an access code. Enter the code(look for the picture above that will help you to locate the access code). When you are ready, click the “NEXT” button.
  4. You will get questions concerning your experience. Answer the questions mentioning your experience.
  5. You need to be aware that some questions can be multiple choice where you need to select one answer out of the choices.
  6. After completion of the question-answering session, you will get an opportunity to enter the drawing. Kindly follow the T&C below and enter the information that is requested.


Cracker Barrel Survey – Terms & Conditions

  1. You need to have good access to the Internet and also a computer which can be a PC as well as a laptop.
  2. You will have to require good reading skills in the languages i.e., Spanish or English.
  3. Without the receipt from the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, you won’t be able to participate. So, if you are considering participating in the survey, check that you have the latest Cracker Barrel Old Country Store receipt which mentions the invitation for the survey.
  4. Age does matter so you need to be 18+ to be a participant.

Read complete rules here


Cracker Barrel Customer Feedback Survey – FAQs

We have listed below some of the commonly asked questions:


#1. What is CrackerBarrel-Survey ?

Ans: For any company to grow, customer feedback is crucial so it can know the customer journey with the firm’s services and products. The Cracker Barrel Customer Feedback Survey helps to know whether customers are satisfied or not. The extracted feedback from customers will be helpful to improve the services and dining experience.


#2. Is it mandatory to purchase to participate in the survey ?

Ans: Yes, it is mandatory to make a visit or purchase in order to participate in the Cracker Barrel survey.


#3. Is there an age requirement for the participant ?

Ans: Yes, one should be 18 or above to participate.


#4. Can I use my old receipt ?

Ans: No, you will need to have the recent receipt so that you can get the access code of invitation for the survey.


#5. What is the residential requirement ?

Ans: You must be a resident of 50 U.S. states including the District of Columbia.


#6. Are employees of the company allowed to participate ?

Ans: No, the employees of the company are not allowed to participate.


#7. How long does the survey take ?

Ans: The survey will take about 5-10 minutes.


#8. Can the sweepstakes prize of the survey be substituted ?

Ans: No, the survey sweepstake prize cannot be substituted and the winner of the survey will be responsible for all the taxes.



About Cracker Barrel

cracker barrel survey

Cracker Barrel is a chain of combined restaurant and gift stores that was founded in Tennessee, 1969.

The company now has over 600 restaurants across 40 states which are in easy reach of an Interstate highway.

The company was founded by Dan Evins in 1969. The menu of Cracker Barrel is based on traditional Southern style with amazing décor that has been designed to resemble an old-fashioned general store.


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We hope that above guide for taking Cracker Barrel survey online was helpful to you. If you have any questions regarding this post, let us know through your comments below.

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  1. Visited the Cracker Barrel in Hagerstown Maryland on Wed. Jan. 20,2021 and was very disappointed. The menu is so small that options are very limited. We specifically wanted Reuben sandwiches as they were always the best in Hagerstown but they are no longer on menu! I ordered the spicy cat fish which was good but my sweet potato was only warm and my husbands mashed potatoes were almost cold, been disappointed the last three times we visited so don’t know how many times we will give them a chance, Access Code 434-020-382-119


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